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About Us

Skye Renewables is an energy-as-a-service solar company in Southeast Asia. We develop, finance and operate on-site (captive) solar projects for commercial and industrial clients, allowing them to enjoy cheaper, cleaner electricity, without incurring any of the upfront capital expenditure

Our team is made up of experienced investment, strategy and renewable energy development professionals readily equipped to support your energy requirements 

Benefits To The Client

Cost Saving
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Sustainability Strategy

What We Do

How does rooftop solar work?

1 Solar panels, installed and owned C&I developer (i.e. Skye Renewables), convert energy of photons into electricity
2 Building consumes electricity produced by solar panels
3 If electricity from the solar is not sufficient, grid electricity will be used

4 If electricity from solar is in excess it could be sold to the grid (in certain countries)

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