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Supporting Energy Transition in Southeast Asia

What We Do

Skye Renewables is playing a key role in the energy transition across Southeast Asia, through the development of captive (“rooftop”) solar assets using long-term power purchase agreements with blue-chip clients

How does rooftop solar work?

1 Solar panels, installed and owned C&I developer (i.e. Skye Renewables), convert energy of photons into electricity
2 Building consumes electricity produced by solar panels
3 If electricity from the solar is not sufficient, grid electricity will be used

4 If electricity from solar is in excess it could be sold to the grid (in certain countries)

Key Benefits For The Client

Going solar can have financial, strategic and reputational advantages for your business.


Reduces your electricity bill as cost per kWh from solar is cheaper than price charged by the utility.

Increases your access to capital as financial institutions become more attracted to ’greener’ businesses.


Provides you a head start on sustainability as your stakeholders get increasingly conscious.

Helps to preempt fines, penalties, and enforcement actions from unsustainable business practices.


Provides quick win on public relations showcasing efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions.

Achieve better access to resources, projects and business pipelines from better sustainability reputation.

Going solar is safe, simple and fast – minimal disruption, significant benefits

Cost Savings

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Sustainability Strategy

Get Started with Solar

The PPA approach has no upfront costs to you, as Skye funds this investment, so you can focus on your business.

Enter Into A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Skye

  • – Skye pays for all the solar project capital expenditure at no upfront cost to you
  • – Skye partners with a reputable EPCC company to handle the end-to-end solar development
  • – You pay Skye every month for the solar energy generated at an agreed rate for the PPA duration, usually 15 to 20 years
  • – You enjoy electricity cost savings for years to come

No upfront capital required

Skye is Supporting The Energy Transition In Asia

High Impact

Installing renewable energy on your own operational sites aligns to several of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Reduced deforestation
Reduced emissions and impact on climate change


Reduced fuel spending and increased energy affordability


Inclusive growth and community empowerment


Prevention of diseases and health hazards