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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Skye Renewables will cover the upfront capital cost of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Additionally, we will also pay for all costs associated with maintaining the system throughout the PPA tenure. You will only pay for the electricity the solar panels generate which typically will be cheaper than the current grid price you are paying. 

A rate would be agreed between you and Skye Renewables of which will determine the fixed rate to be paid across the PPA tenure, which typically lasts between 15 to 21 years.

Skye Renewables will provide end-to-end solutions to you at zero upfront cost, including preliminary on-site checks, installations, operation and maintenance over the term of the contract. 

Skye Renewables partners with only highly reputable solar companies and suppliers in the market. We enforce a rigorous project management approach, ensuring that we deliver a safe and smooth solar experience for you. 

Solar panels and mounting equipment weigh roughly 10 to 20 kgs per square meter. This is usually within the allowable limits of your roof. Before installing the system, we will be conducting a detailed structural assessment and propose the right system configuration for your roof.

No, if your factory or building is connected to the grid, you will still be connected even after we have installed the solar system. The solar system will continue operating along the grid without any intermittency between energy coming from the solar and the grid. This process is automatically handled by the system, you won’t have to worry about any power cut-off when switching between solar and grid. 

Yes potentially, in those countries where there is a Net Energy Metering scheme, which allows excess solar power to be exported back to the grid at prevailing market price.

Potential savings are derived from lower electricity tariff from the solar PV system in comparison to the existing grid tariff. As the agreed solar tariff is also fixed throughout the contract duration, customers are able to hedge against future increases in electricity tariff, resulting in significant savings over the years.

Skye Renewables has ownership of the asset during the PPA tenure and we will be accountable for the system after commissioning. A comprehensive set of preventive and corrective maintenance tasks will be carried out throughout the system’s contract tenure to ensure efficiency of your installed solar system.

Skye Renewables partners with Tier 1 PV Panel and global top tier inverter providers. We are incentivized to ensure our solar components optimizes our customers’ solar system performance.

Yes, warranty is provided for the solar system and its components. Rest assured during the contract tenure, Skye Renewables will prioritize optimization and efficiency of your solar system.

Skye is Supporting The Energy Transition In Asia