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To Invest or Not to Invest?

As companies respond to the realities of climate change, many are looking to green-up their operations. One direct way to do this is utilising captive solar on your operational sites – factories, offices, warehouses etc – which then provide you with 100% renewable energy. This is a great option in the high radiance (i.e. “lots of sun!”) countries of Southeast Asia.

But installing this equipment yourself requires investment, so should you do this on your own balance sheet or work with financiers like Skye Renewables? Our recommendation to clients is that there is no right or wrong answer, it comes down to your own situation and the regulations of your country.

In short, if you have the capital and your country provides tax incentives for installing solar, then it is probably more financially attractive to make the investment yourself – you buy the equipment, have an EPC firm install it, then get the power. So no role for Skye, but we are just happy to see more solar power in the world!

However, if you do not have the capital, then working with Skye Renewables is clearly an interesting option, as there is no upfront investment for you, rather you buy the power from us over a 15-20 year period. However, in addition, it is worth remembering that there are some technical and operational aspects involved with captive solar; so even if you do have the cash, many of our clients would rather not deal with the installation and maintenance side of things (solar energy isn’t their core business!), so letting Skye Renewables take care of everything and buying the power from us is much easier.

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