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Why Companies Should Consider Rooftop Solar Energy (And Why They Shouldn’t Wait)?

Located close to the equator, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam are blessed with consistent sunshine throughout the year, which makes them ideal solar power development.

It should be a ‘no-brainer’, but one of the most common questions that our clients ask is ”should we wait for solar PV module prices to decrease further before installing?”. This is perfectly reasonable given that we all want to have the lowest upfront cost and highest possible returns. Furthermore, based on a report by IRENA in 2019, the price of solar PV modules has declined tremendously over the past 10 years (87% to 92%, depending on the type of panel).

But this trend has recently changed. Large increases in the global price of silicon, a major component in the manufacturing of wafers for solar PV modules, has challenged this long-term price decline. For the first time in many years, there is genuine uncertainty in the price of solar in the future.

In response, developers like Skye Renewables help to eliminate this concern, whilst still allowing clients to enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar energy on their facilities.

  1. Zero Upfront Investment

Skye pays for all the solar project capital expenditure at no upfront cost to our clients, allowing clients to better utilise their cashflows for genuine business expansion. Furthermore, during the contract period, all project management and maintenance is included, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system. So whether the price of solar panels goes up (or down) in the future, the client takes no risk and can simply enjoy fixed power costs.

2. OpEx Savings on Electricity

Our clients’ businesses can improve their profitability by reducing monthly electricity bills (versus the grid) by up to 25% with the use of solar energy generated, as Skye endeavours to price our power at a discount to what the business is paying to the utility companies.

An additional bonus is that after the contract period is completed, the rooftop solar system will be handed over to the client at no cost and full savings will be enjoyed from then on, further increasing your electrical cost savings (these systems should easily operate for 25-30 years).

3. Enhance Company Branding

By choosing to have a portion of their business’ electrical consumption coming from a renewable and environmentally friendly source, our clients can demonstrate a clear and tangible response to their sustainability agenda.

This is an opportunity for any business to reduce their cost of electricity and make a positive impact on the environment. So, why wait?

Contact Skye Renewables now to have a complimentary proposal for a rooftop solar system with ZERO UPFRONT INVESTMENT – we look forward to hearing from you!

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