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Net Energy Metering in SEA

Malaysia has done an excellent job to stimulate solar investment in the country, providing a clear regulatory regime for companies and utility-scale developers.

In the commercial & industrial space, where Skye Renewables operates, clients can simply go for the self-consumption option (“Selco”) or they can apply for Net Energy Metering (“NEM”), which allows them to ‘sell’ any of their excess solar power back to TNB.

So should you go for NEM? This really depends on whether your company will be using the solar power 7 days a week, 365 days a year (e.g. hotels, data centres) – if so, then you are unlikely to need NEM. However, if you will have pre-planned operational downtimes such as weekends (e.g. factories, offices), then NEM will allow you to monetise your solar generation at these times.

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